Guitar & Drum Trainer

Guitar & Drum Trainer slows down music without changing the pitch to help learn and transcribe music faster and easier.

Slow Down and Pitch Shift Music (Screenshots)

With Guitar & Drum Trainer, you can learn or transcribe music faster and easier. It’s modern ease-of-use design still packs power for the most demanding professional musicians.

Learn Any Musical Style

For rock, blues, country, baroque, classical, punk, dance, folk or whatever musical style you play, Guitar & Drum Trainer helps you to learn them all. By slowing down the music, you can more easily hear it and pick out the notes and chords.

Learn Any Musical Instrument

More than just for guitars and drums, Guitar & Drum Trainer works for any instrument. Ukelele, violin, piano, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, timpani… From accordian and banjo to xylophone and zither, you can learn any instrument easier and faster.

For All Levels of Musicians

Music students can learn their favorite songs at a more comfortable, slower pace, while professional musicians can do more in less time. No matter what your skill level is, Guitar & Drum Trainer works for everyone.

For Singers & Dancers Too

If you don’t play a musical instrument, but you sing or dance, Guitar & Drum Trainer can help you there as well. Singers can remove vocals from tracks for karaoke practice, or pitch shift songs to bring them into range. Dancers can slow down difficult passages to help nail down dance steps, or to build strength and dexterity.

Top 5 Helpful Tools

Slow Down and Pitch Shift Music (Screenshots) Learn or transcribe music faster and easier with these top most useful features:

  1. Slowing Music Down
  2. Pitch Shifting to Transpose Music
  3. Looping Song Verses, Solos and Riffs
  4. Removing Vocals and Instruments from Music
  5. Saving Slowed Songs for Other Music Players

Most Comprehensive Music Tool of its Kind

Without question, Guitar & Drum Trainer is THE most comprehensive music software of its kind. Nothing else even comes close. Other software typically offers only very simple features:


Guitar & Drum Trainer

Average Slow Downer

Has it? Quality? Has it? Quality?
Slow Down Music YES! -95% ~ +500% YES! -75% ~ +100%
Pitch Shift Music YES! ±5 Octaves YES! ±1~2 Octaves
Looping YES! Byte-level Precision
(Best Possible)
YES! No Real Precision
Save Loops YES! Unlimited NO!  
EQ YES! 62 Bands YES! 3~5 Bands
Stereo EQ YES! 31 Left & 31 Right NO! Mono Only
Pan YES!     YES!  
Gain YES!     NO!  
Channel Mixer YES!  Mix L/R   NO!  
Precision Controls YES! 100% Precision NO! Fiddle with Controls
Save Song Configurations YES! Start at the Same Place NO!  
Save Slowed Songs YES! Take it with You NO!  
Count In Delays YES!   NO!  
Beat Detection YES! See Beats on Waves NO!    
Speed Trainer YES! Auto-Increase Speed    NO!  
Visual Waveforms YES! Easy to Understand NO!  
EQ Visualizations YES!     NO!  
Customizable Color Schemes YES!     NO!  
Note Detection & Reporting YES!     NO!  
Vocal Removal YES!   NO!  
Filter Instruments YES!   NO!  

There’s just no comparison. Guitar & Drum Trainer is THE most complete musicians tool for of its kind!

User-friendly Precision Controls

Software needs to be easy to use, yet offer the maximum amount of power. Guitar & Drum Trainer sports precision controls that give you precise control over every aspect, yet maintain that 1-click ease that makes it a simple pleasure to use.

Where many similar tools use sliders that make it almost impossible to slow down the music by exactly 25%, or immensely difficult to change a loop by 1/2 of a second, the easy-to-use controls in Guitar & Drum Trainer make precise adjustments simple and easy to do without any “fiddling around”. You get to control everything simply, and easily. No mess & no fuss.

Mac & Linux Users

Guitar & Drum Trainer runs on Windows, but with Linux or Mac running OSX and a virtual machine or multibooting, you can run Guitar & Drum Trainer on your non-Windows computer.

Download a FREE Trial

Download Guitar and Drum Trainer to slow down music and learn easier.The only true way to discover if Guitar & Drum Trainer is for you is to try it for yourself. You can download and try it for free for 15 days, but it won’t take more than 15 minutes to fall in love with it.

There’s no risk, no obligation and you have everything to gain.

Download Guitar & Drum Trainer for free today to get started learning new music easier and faster.