GDT is no longer available for sale through PayPal, and only cryptocurrencies will be accepted, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Previously, GDT could be purchased through PayPal. However, it’s increasingly apparent that PayPal is an enemy of free speech and is pandering to extremists and authoritarians.

I’d rather simply not sell GDT than deal with PayPal.

If you wish to purchase GDT, send $25 in BTC to 19CWevf3k7z3Q6pW2uH79SYrfiz3cPgEM7 and then send an email through the contact page with your transaction id (txid).

For other cryptocurrencies, send an email through the Contact page.

Crypto lets anyone pay anyone with no questions asked. It’s pure financial freedom with no permission required.

Bitcoin is the KING of crypto, and the best way to assert financial freedom outside of the arbitrary and capricious rules of payment processors like PayPal or the legacy banking system.